The Company

Based in North Wales Intuneative prides its self on the blending of two talents to form this unique company.  Working as a team we set up intuneative as a husband and wife duo, we each bring different talents and experience to ensure a company that not only produces unique instruments but also thrives on excellent customer service.

The Artist

LisaJ is a well published artist who’s background has been in the art industry for most of her life, she has gained experience from working at some of the worlds most famous pottery companies, and is also trained as an interior designer for both residential and businesses alike. Her love of Art Deco is an inspriation and can be seen in many published artworks. Her skills and professionalism have allowed intuneative to grow and ensure every instrument that is produced is unique.

The Muscian

Peters background comes in the form of pop bands in the 1980’s, he has worked with many accomplished musicians and has played session guitar on many tours. He specialises in playing guitar although can play many other instruments, his main love is of the twelve string guitar to which he takes on the road with him to many of the festivals. Whilst taking time away from the music industry he became an area manager in the retail industry, these skills have ensured that at intuneative we achieve outstanding customer service.


The blending of an artist and a musician to form a truely unique company.